SEO promotion in Tashkent - increasing brand awareness

SEO services were presented to a large granite mining and production plant as a means of promoting the company on the Internet.

Company website


«IMPERIAL-GRANIT» includes two factories: one of them is IMPERIAL-GRANIT, located in the Tashkent region and the second, «ANDIJON KOZIMJON MRAMORLARI», in the southern part of Uzbekistan, in the city of Andijan and has several granite and marble quarries. In these quarries, blocks of natural stones are mined and delivered to warehouses. Some of the blocks from the warehouse are exported and delivered to the CIS countries. The rest is delivered to the IMPERIAL-GRANIT stone processing plants and
«ANDIJON KOZIMJON MRAMORLARI» where sawn and polished for the local market.

Finished products in very high quality slabs and slabs are exported to various countries and delivered to local customers.


Actually, the Imperial-Granit plant was doing relatively well and the plant management was more than satisfied with the receipt of orders. But having a website was the very indicator of credibility for the organization.
The purpose and requests of the granite factory were achievable for us. This is not the first time OQILA has had to provide this kind of service.


The expert group has carried out a thorough research of competitive similar factories. According to the research results, the site was optimized specifically for the audience, potentially in search of granite and marble raw materials.

Keywords were embedded in the text of the website, forming a clear sequence of information presentation.


Working on the recognition of the Imperial-Granit plant, we were able to contribute to the growth of applications by doubling the number of calls.

Also, the plant noted that in their arena they were able to achieve popularity and site views in the Google search engine added 607% overall statistics.

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