Guaranteed SEO optimization with OQILA

Thanks to the partnership with the web studio OQILA, “Rustam Profil” LLC continuously receives traffic and income that work as fuel for the growth of their company.

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LLC “Rustam Profil”
occupies a worthy place in the competitive market of manufacturers of building materials for roofing in Tashkent. The company started its activity relatively recently. However, she already has considerable experience in cooperation with many large construction companies.

The supply of the best product is mainly provided by high quality raw materials and advanced technology. Their products are used in the construction of almost all components of a full-fledged building. Parts for working with corrugated board and tunicabond are also available for manufacturing.


The company wanted not only to exist in the market, but to occupy a leading position in it.
In order to develop their own business, “Rustam Profil” signed an agreement with us in 2017. Then they were just starting their activities and our task was to fully study the target market and create a website that is in no way inferior to competitors. Further, the goal was to promote the website and lure all available customers from the market there. To do this, we are conducting a strategy search engine promotion called SEO, where one of the most important initial stages is researching current market demand, collecting key phrases, and website programming at a high level.


Process of creation responsive website went very smoothly considering the way our friendly team treats our clients. We have developed strong feedback and all decisions about site design and its promotion strategies were first approved by our clients. Further, after a series of careful checks, the website was released to open access to the client audience.

As planned, we were promoting the website for traffic naturally in the Google search engine – through search engine optimization. In this way, the first thing customers found was our customer’s website “Rustam Profil” when they were looking for a building “profile” or other products offered by the company.


Long lasting search engine optimization service (SEO) worked very effectively in terms of brand awareness. The number of applications and people interested in the company’s services increased significantly and the company’s business went uphill. The site we developed began to appear in the top ten searches in Google and all thanks to the developed strategy. With such a successful course of affairs, it was decided to open a new production line for the creation of corrugated board. The company still applies for our promotion and promotion services from time to time, and our results have never let them down.